The story of Demons of Asteborg

Long ago, in search of a prosperous continent, Humans and Demons put aside their differences and joined forces to conquer the hostile lands of Asteborg. Unable to live together peacefully, they established rules and boundaries.

They drew up a pact that had to be respected at all costs.

A few years later, the rumor of the pact’s non-fulfillment appeared, amplified by Zadimus’ hatred for humans. A war broke out.

The humans were quickly overwhelmed by the numbers and power of the demons.

As the humans’ hope waned, two heroes appeared, a witch with extraordinary magical powers and a powerful warrior with mysterious origins.

The latter managed, at the cost of a final sacrifice, to lock the demons in a lost dimension. Zadimus, however, managed to escape and, weakened, went into exile.

Soon after their victory, a child was born from their secret union. Word spread that Zadimus had been seen by pilgrims. The witch, weakened by the war, lived in hiding, fearing reprisals from the powerful Demon. She eventually succumbed to her wounds, and the child of the Heroes was found and taken in by Bohort, head of the Royal Guard, who took care of him as his own, unaware of his origins. The boy, who seemed to possess powerful fighting skills, received intensive training and became, like his mentor, a powerful warrior. Thirty years have passed since the war. Zadimus regained his strength and found a way to open the portal and free the demons trapped in the lost dimension. He launched the attack against the humans to exact his revenge. Gareth, the child of providence who became an accomplished warrior, went into battle to save his people, just as his parents had done before.


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