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Astebros : ROM file

Astebros : ROM file

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This product is a downloadable ROM file of Astebros(*), you will be able to download it as soon as you buy it.



The file may not be compatible when the game is released. It depends on the emulators and their update date.

By buying this digital ROM of the game, you waive your right of withdrawal and refund.


At the moment, the game run perfectly on :

  • Emulators : N/A
  • Flashcards : Everdrive PRO, MegaSD
  • System : N/A

The game run perfectly with a patch (see the FAQ) on :

  • Emulators : Blastem, PicoDrive
  • Flashcards : N/A
  • System : MISTer

The game run partially** with a patch (see the FAQ) on :

  • Emulators : N/A
  • Flashcards : Everdrive X7
  • System : N/A

The game cannot run on :

  • Emulators : Gens KMod, Fusion
  • Flashcards : Everdrive X3, Everdrive X5
  • System : N/A


(**) Partially means that some functions will be unavailable, such as saving to SRAM.

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